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Plastic surgery on the nose or commonly known as a nose job is one type of plastic surgery that aims to improve the shape of the nose, eg shrink the shape of the nose that is too widened and add a nose pout nose. Rhinoplasty is a type of plastic surgery action on the nose. Rhinoplasty is one of the measures that aims to enhance the harmony of the face by improving the proportion of the nose. So get a more elegant and proportional look. Rhinoplasty surgery can alter the size of the nose so it fits and aligns with the shape of the face, improves the position and size of the nostrils or nostrils, improves the appearance of a slight pug nose that can be sharper, fix the end of the widened nose, slightly enlarged holes, slightly upward, or The shape of a crooked nose tip and an unsymmetrical shape of the nose. Doctors will repair and modify deficiencies in the nose by a combination technique. What is meant by a combination technique is physician plastic surgery in seattle using yarn and combined with a filler injection action on the subcutaneous tissue of the nose? This method is done by inserting the thread into the nose and combined with the filler to perfect the result.

In surgery, rhinoplasty is divided into two: open rhinoplasty where there is a small patch along the base of the nose and closed rhinoplasty where the incision can be hidden so it is not visible from the outside. In nasal plastic surgery, an action is done to create the beauty of the nose shape by separating the skin of the nose and soft tissue from the nasal cartilage. Then fix the shape of the nose, sew the incision and reassemble the part of the nose that is taken and cut. The thread used in this method is a special thread, not all genius thread can be used. The thread used is PDO thread. The thread is a thread that is often used in heart surgery and bone ligaments. This yarn has the same properties with the type of yarn commonly used for caesarean surgery is an absorbable yarn or yarn that can be absorbed by the body. This thread will be absorbed perfectly by the body within approximately 8 months.

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