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The function of wearing shoes today is not only as a protector and footwear, but also to look more stylish and cool that will eventually increase confidence. Discover chaussure pas cher by visiting our website. For urban society is no exception men, shoes adjusted to the form of activities along with so many choices of types of men’s shoes. Since its discovery around the 7th and 8th centuries BC, there are about 70 varieties of shoe variations around the world. Of the many types of shoes, here are some types of men’s shoes are recommended for a smart and casual look:

– Brown Leather Brogue
Originating from Ireland and Scotland which originally was a shoe for wet and muddy or swampy conditions, now brogue has become a widely used men’s shoes.

– Black Leather Oxford
For those who only know men’s shoes for an official event or called a pantofle and men’s shoes for casual activities or sneakers course certainly a bit confused to distinguish between Oxford and Derby shoes. The difference is both in the quarter or the place where the rope hole is located and eyelet.

– Suede Loafer Shoes
Loafer shoes also known as slip-on or slipper with mocassin construction. Initially, this type of shoe is designed by order King George VI as a home shoe, made by Raymond Lewis Wildsmith under the name “Wildsmith Loafer”.

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