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In some women, having a breast size that is too large and not proportional to make the activity uncomfortable. Can also cause body shape is not proportional, posture is bent, spinal and neck pain. With breast reduction measures, the patient can reduce the volume of the breast is relatively large and not proportional, to get a smaller and fuller breast volume, so that patients feel more comfortable, confident, and easier to find appropriate clothes and bra. In this operation, the Seattle breast augmentation doctor will remove some of the fat, glandular tissue, and excess breast skin to make it look smaller and firm; Adjustment of shape and areola both breasts.

The action is about 3 hours, under general anesthesia. Most patients will experience swelling and pain after surgery. The doctor will prescribe medications/prescriptions to reduce pain. Patients can perform mild activities postoperatively, and most patients can return to work after 1 week postoperatively. Patients are expected not to do any strenuous exercise that requires breast muscle for 3-6 weeks postoperatively. Swelling and pain will slowly improve after 3 weeks, and surgery gives normal results after at least 3 months.