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Colouring activity is an activity that can help improve hand muscle performance while developing the motor ability of children. The ability is very important in the development activities later, such as in typing, lifting objects and other activities where the required muscles of the arms and hands in the process. To help you teach colour to your child, you can visit our youtube channel and get the Coloring page.

Colouring activities can train the child’s concentration to stay focused on the work he does despite the many other activities that occur around him. A child completing a colouring task will focus on the drawing sheets she is colouring, so even if around her are noisy with the activities of other children, she will remain focused on completing her colouring tasks. In colouring, the child is also trained in his concentration so as not to cross the line that forms the coloured object. Here are some benefits that your child can get:

– Train a child to make a target. The colouring process requires a single target that is to successfully colour the entire image area available. So the child learns to accomplish the task he faces as targeted.

– Train the child to know the boundary line of the field.

– In the early days when children start colouring activities, they will not care about the image boundary in front of them. It is perfectly natural, let the child feel comfortable and excited first with colouring activity

– Train fine motor skills of children as one means to prepare writing skills

– Train coordination skills between the eyes and hands. Starting from exactly how to grasp crayons, to choose colours and sharpen crayons.

If we see the child giving the colourless tidy and less flat, give support to them. Appreciate the results of his work by giving praise for them more spirit. Then we give an example of how to hold the crayon so that the colour is even flatter. Or we can also colour together with children so they feel comfortable and happy to see his parents are also willing to perform these activities. We can also motivate children to repeat the colouring back so that the results are better and neat. If the child does not want to, do not force us.