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An internist or internal medicine specialist takes care of any problem the patient complains about, either simple or complex. In particular, internists are trained to deal with severe chronic diseases and several different diseases that occur together. An internist also provides insight into the prevention and promotion of health, promotes women’s health, psychotropic substance abuse, mental health, and general treatment of eye, skin, nervous system and reproductive organ disorders. If you seek for a personal medicine, you can visit

The increasingly diverse health problems require competent doctors including internal medicine specialists. Unfortunately, the number of doctors in the disease is not balanced with the number of patients. That is because to be an internist you need a lot of training. At MYMD Personal Medicine, we present Dr Macdonell who can help you to be free from disease.

An internist is beyond all diagnosticians. They need to give a lot of attention to detail required to cover all feasible medical diagnosis probabilities in a limited period. Therefore, they also have outstanding communication abilities, particularly listening abilities, as they should be able to remove the important details from patients who are ill or injured and not at their finest. Medical care physicians have to be caring and patient.