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The popular Disney and Pixar animated film Finding Nemo may be 13 years old, but the success of the film proved to be overtaken by its sequel Finding Dory. According to the box office reports of US and Canadian cinemas last weekend, Finding Dory even managed to break the record highest initial income of all time for the animated film. Automatically, the film that filled the voice by Ellen DeGeneres and Albert Brooks is also a box office champion last week. With a very impressive prefix, Finding Dory is projected to become one of North America’s largest animated films. For the record, Finding Nemo’s first-weekend income amounted to 70.2 million US dollars only. So, it is not impossible Finding Dory will be able to overtake even surpass Finding Nemo did achievements in 2003 that successfully collected a total of 339.7 million US dollars during the airing in the US and Canada. Surely you are curious, right, why this film became the best-animated film in America? Just watch it on

The film earned 135 million US dollars in just the first three days alone. This figure is far behind the previous record held by Shrek the Third (2007), which earned 121.6 million US dollars in the same period. While for the film as a whole, Finding Dory’s initial income is the third highest in 2016, after Captain America: Civil War (179.1 million US dollars) and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (166 million US dollars) Above Deadpool (132.4 million US dollars).