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Narcotics and drugs and addictive substances/substances may cause effects and negative effects for the wearer. The negative impact is definitely detrimental and very bad effect on the mental and physical health. However, sometimes some drugs are still used in medicine, but only given to certain patients and not for general consumption and freely by the public. Therefore, abused drugs and narcotics that can cause a variety of effects varied. For those of you who have problems with drugs and mental disorders, you can follow our program in dual diagnosis treatment centers.

1. Impact Indirect The Abused Drugs

– It would be a lot of money is needed for healing and health care addict if her body was broken encroached toxic substances.

– socially ostracised in society and good people. Also usually opiate drugs artisan would be anti-social.

– The family will be a great shame because it had family members who use illicit substances.

– Not trusted by others for drug addicts will generally fond of lying and committing a crime.

– Can be thrown into the wall of pain/prison excruciating inner and outer.

Usually after a recovering addict and was already aware of her dreams then he will regret all his actions stupid and a lot of time and opportunities lost without realising it. Especially if conscious when he was in prison. All the invective and curses will be made against the illicit objects, but it was too late and ended up without being able to do anything.

2. Direct Impact Drug For Physical

– Disorders of the heart, lungs, brain, bone, skin, nervous system and endocrine

– Interference in hemoprosik, traktur urinary, blood vessels and digestive system

– Can be infected with communicable diseases such as HIV AIDS, Hepatitis, Herpes, tuberculosis, etc.

3. Direct Impact Drug For Psychiatric / Mental Man

– Causes of mental depression.

– Causes severe mental disorder / psychotic.

– Causing suicide

The effects of depression can be caused by criticism of family, friends and the community or failure in trying to stop using drugs. But normal people that depression can become drug users because they think that drugs can be overcome and forget about the problem itself, but it is not true.