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Trained the thigh and hand muscles, it is normal. But, train the vagina muscles to keep the vagina tight, how to do? Train the most popular and popular vaginal muscles for women is Kegel exercises. The exercises are exercises to control the muscles in the flow of urine during orgasm. This will make the genital area healthier. Kegel itself can increase sensitivity in the intimate area. It also improves blood circulation, increases sexual response, increases orgasm, and restores vaginal tightness especially after childbirth. Well, in the household, it is important for women to take care of this vaginal tightness. In addition to the health of the genital area, it can also satisfy the couple. There are four movements as reported by Cosmopolitan that you can do to maintain the elasticity of the vagina; Hip Abduction. Prepare a perfect position, open shoulder-width apart. Place your hands on your waist to keep your body balanced. Lift one leg to the side until it is wide and straight. Hold for 4 seconds, then return to its original position. Perform on the other leg alternately with each repetition 5 times. The target in this movement is the muscles of the vagina, buttocks and inner thighs. When doing this movement is too heavy for you, there is the fastest way for you to get a tight vagina and like a virgin back, that is by using the product v tight gel. A tight vagina will add to the harmony of your family, as it does in v tight reviews.

This product contains natural ingredients and without side effects. The only side effect is just an improvement in having sex with your partner because your partner will feel satisfied with the performance of your vagina. So you will get your own satisfaction when using this product and do not forget to always clean your vagina after having sex with your partner. As a woman, after getting married and giving birth to several children, of course, feel the femininity (vagina) is not meeting as before. It can reduce the sensation of satisfaction and pleasure your partner. For that, as a wife must have the desire to always give the best to your partner. The way by drinking boiled water betel leaves regularly. Take ten pieces of betel leaf that have been slightly yellow, clean and boil with two glasses of water. Wait until the water stew to live a glass, lift wait until it becomes warm new drink it. If done regularly morning and afternoon drinking this betel stew water, then the vagina becomes fragrant and no smell anymore. And keep vaginal hygiene regularly.