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Many mothers have difficulty cleaning the baby’s teeth or toddlers because they refuse toothbrush. ‘War’ always happens every time it will brush your baby’s teeth, so the result is not maximal. This can cause problems in your child’s teeth. If that happens, you can visit Pediatric Dentistry of Chattanooga and get treatment from our Childrens dentist.

How else can we do to maintain healthy teeth baby? Follow some ways to take care of baby teeth and toddlers following:

– Just milk and water
As much as possible limit the type of beverage consumed by the baby, which only revolves around breast milk or formula, and water.

– Avoid juice in bottles
Eating fruits directly is better than drinking fruit juice. If you are forced to give your little juice, do not give in a bottle of milk and give only when eating.

– Water at night
When the baby reaches the age of 1 year, give only water before bed. Breastfeeding before bed or sleep can damage teeth. Formula milk usually contains sugar, so give water to ‘rinse’ their teeth before going to sleep.

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