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Most people today when they want to build their own homes, some of them even feel comfortable and safe by buying a home. Then, they hunt a cheap house or prepare tens of millions as a down payment. However, if you know how the tricks to make a house that is cost-effective, then the design of the house, the quality of building materials, and location can be determined by yourself. For example, you can decide to use the Plan Collection Acadian House Plans to be the design of the house. So, below are some tips to build a minimalist home with a limited budget:

1. Develop gradually

For those of us who have a limited budget, it is worth applying this one trick. Building a home can be repaid starting from making the foundation first. Once the foundation has been completed, it will take time for saving to finance the construction of walls and roofs. After the roof stands, other parts of the house will be easily filled such as bathroom, toilet, floor, kitchen, terrace, ceiling and so forth. This gradual step will keep us from the mortgage interest rate which generally far exceeds the cost of making the house as well as the price of the land.

2. Choose a building store smartly

You can try price surveys at some of the building stores that stand around the construction site. There are times when one store has cheap prices for some building materials, but elsewhere also offers oblique rates for ingredients that look expensive in stores before. So every building material is not the same price between stores one to another.

3. Look for artisans and builders

You should not deal directly with artisans or porters who live in urban areas without comparing their service rates. Their rates are much more expensive than those living outside the city center. Ask a friend or relative who has employed coolies as well as artisans.

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